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23 Nov

Top Five Questions to Ask an Iveco Cargo Spare Parts Dealer

While buying Iveco Cargo spare parts, one must take sincere steps to find out if there’ll be value for the money spent. So, here are the top five questions that one must ask his Iveco Cargo spare parts dealer.

Q1. Are the Iveco Cargo spare parts used or new?

A spare parts dealer would have both second-handed parts and new ones. But before one would venture to hand out cash, he should check if he needs to buy a new part or a used one, taking into considerations, the budget and preference.

Q2. Are the Iveco Cargo spare parts OEM or aftermarket parts?

An OEM part is abbreviated as the Original Equipment Manufacturer part, created to suit the needs of specific models. On the other hand, an aftermarket part is any part that comes from a third-party manufacturer and not from the brand manufacturer.

Again, depending on one's budget and the Iveco Cargo's requirements, one must discuss this subject with his automotive parts dealer.

Q3. Are the Iveco Cargo spare parts compatible?

Irrespective of buying a new or used spare part, one must ensure that the spare part would work perfectly after replacement. If they aren’t fitted well with one’s Iveco Cargo, then it’s of no use. For this reason, it’s recommended that car owners give their Iveco Cargo’s chassis number so that the auto spare parts dealer would be able to provide them with the correct part.

Q4. Are the required Iveco Cargo spare parts available?

Certain times, the needed spare part might run out of stock. OEM parts would generally take few days for arrival after the placements of orders since they ought to be fabricated uniquely. On the other hand, almost all the aftermarket parts are readily available with spare parts dealers like BP Impex.

Q5. Do the Iveco Cargo spare parts have a warranty?

Before one would buy the Iveco Cargo spare parts, he must enquire about warranty. Generally, OEM parts function well and often come with warranties. But aftermarket parts are of poorer quality than the OEMs, and their warranties might be available for a shorter duration only.

So, purchasers must get a clear warranty statement to account for any losses in the future. Often, the warranty comes on fine prints, and should spare parts purchasers need clarity on the provisions; it's best to enquire the sales representative about the same.

Buyer Footsteps

Before one purchases the spare parts for his Iveco Cargo, a thorough dialogue must resume between both the parties. This way, the buyer would be able to spend his money with discretion.

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